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Continuing Education Courses with Carolyn McManus

Carolyn offers online continuing education courses through MedBridge. These courses are for professionals with a general practice or any specialty.

Carolyn brings a unique wealth of knowledge and experience in mindfulness and patient care to her professional courses. Her ability to discuss the latest research and guide the fundamental practices of mindfulness provides her audience with the scientific basis and a rich experiential introduction to the applications of mindfulness to both patient care and provider self-care. Carolyn invites participants to directly experience how mindfulness is central to their well-being and the therapeutic alliance as well as to a patient’s self-efficacy and healing. In doing so, her training programs offer a critical ingredient to optimize clinical care.”
Jon Kabat Zinn, PhD, Founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Professor of Medicine emeritus, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Carolyn, you have been way ahead of all of us in appreciating the contribution of stress to the experience of pain and the value of mindfulness in pain treatment.”
Lorimer Moseley, PhD FACP, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

We cannot thank you enough for providing such a wonderful course to our program participants. I don’t think I have ever seen such a high percentage of glowing evaluations for a Washington State PT Association course.”
Jackie Barry, Executive Director, Physical Therapy Association of Washington, Olympia, WA

Online Programing with Carolyn

Courses for PTs/PTAs, OTs/OTAs, ATs and SLPs include:

Fundamental Mindfulness Principles and Practices
Integrating Mindful Principles and Practices into Patient Care
Integrating Mindful Awareness into Movement Instruction
An Introduction to Mindfulness for Pain Treatment
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive and Emotional Strategies for Pain Treatment
Positive Affect and Activities in the Treatment of Persistent Pain
Kindness and Compassion Self-Care Practices for You and Your Patients
Strategic Mindfulness Training for Stress Management (Recorded Webinar)
Managing Impostor Syndrome: Have Confidence in your Competency (Recorded Webinar)
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Outstanding course! This work is so important both for our patients and ourselves. Carolyn is a master clinician and educator who skillfully blends research, clinical practice and personal experience. I highly recommend this course! ”
Jason Hardage, DPT, Alameda, CA

Carolyn is a great presenter. She brings a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience to teaching. I learned lots of practical strategies to offer my patients and to keep me calm. Taking her course has made me a better clinician and a more mindful, happier therapist.”
Lori Predmore, PT, Seattle, WA

Carolyn is the most amazing instructor. You can feel her kindness and compassion throughout the course. I learned a great amount about pain, mindfulness and most importantly, how to be a more attentive and compassionate provider. She took a complex topic and discussed it with ease.”
– Allison Lindeman, DPT, San Carlos, CA

I absolutely loved this course! I feel like this has been the missing piece of my practice; something I felt was innately needed but was unaware of the research backing and the easy ways to incorporate the material. I feel this information has really bridged some gaps in the skills that I have and I am thrilled to have better ways to explain the cognitive and emotional aspects of pain. I think all PTs should take this course and am hoping to bring the information to an inservice for my colleagues.
– Melissa Hales, DPT, CYT, Arlington Heights, Il

Previous 1 – 2 Day Course Hosts Include

The Physical Therapy Association of Washington
The Philadelphia Area Educational Consortium
Loyola University, Chicago, IL
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA
Providence Portland Medical Center, Portland, OR
Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington, VA
Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA
University Hospital, Cleveland, OH
Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA
Manual Therapy International, Seattle, WA

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