Mindfulness physical therapy, pain management, rehabilitation

What Rehab Professionals Say About Carolyn

What a wonderful course! This is a course that every therapist who works with pain patients should take.
– Sandra Shelvin, DPT, Boulder, CO

Carolyn was great! I learned a ton and would certainly recommend this to other PTs. This information and practice is essential for healing.
– Chenin Duclos, DPT, Chapel Hill, NC

I am so inspired by this course and think the applications to patient care (and self-care!) are incredible. I am excited and more confident to integrate mindfulness into my practice. Thank you again for a great course!
– Katy Rice, DPT, Seattle, WA

Carolyn is an awesome treasure. Great job! Great course! This information is so helpful and important.
– Elizabeth Lewis, PT, Ipswich, MA

Carolyn is a dynamic speaker who clearly has passion for this topic! She provides the latest evidence and incorporates this into her presentation. I enjoyed listening to her and having the strategies to incorporate into my practice and personal life.
– Deepali Bankar, DPT, Palo Alto, CA

You can tell Carolyn practices what she preaches. Her knowledge of the information was perfectly matched by her calming presence. This course was a gift to my own body and mind and will surely be a gift to my future patients
– Carrie Koziol, DPT, St Charles, IL

Fantastic course. Carolyn is a very knowledgeable speaker, gifted teacher and PT.
– Lucie Khadduri PT, Lacey, WA

The great strengths of this course are the ease of Carolyn’s presentation, class interaction, the wealth of information and practical tips.
– Eileen Maloney, PT, Devens, MA

Carolyn provides a delightful educational experience, bringing years of wisdom, experience and valid research to support her techniques. I’ve used mindfulness techniques in my practice for years but it is nice to now have the research to support it and new ways to expand on this practice.
– Brende Moffatt, MSPT, PRPC, Redding, CA

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your Mindfulness-Based Pain Treatment course. I learned some great things and they are already making a difference for some of my clients. I love seeing the light bulb go on when they learn what happens to the nervous system when there is pain of long duration and the things they can do to reverse these changes.”
– Kathy Hahn, DPT, Bothell, WA

Carolyn is an awesome instructor. She embodies the content and I felt her love for the material. I feel very excited to do some re-directions in helping people with their pain.
– Christine Dooley, DPT, Spencer, MA

Carolyn is a wonderful teacher and gives a very detailed explanation of the art of mindfulness in pain management and treatment.
– Karen Bumpus, DPT, Norton, MA

Carolyn is clearly extremely skilled and fluent with meditation practices and her passion for this subject shines through. This course empowered me to change the way I practice to a more global approach as well as learn to care for myself as much as my patients.
– Stephanie Babiarz, DPT, Seattle, WA

Carolyn designed a wonderful course that is meaningful and useful for self stress management and wellness and also will help my patients in achieving their goals. Thank you!
– Laura Behymer, DPT, Yelm, WA

The benefits of learning mindfulness practices are tremendous and immediate and Carolyn is a wonderful and excellent teacher. I would highly recommend this course!
– Sarah Playtis PT, Seattle, WA

This class offered lots of pearls of wisdom. I can sit and listen to Carolyn all day. I have lots of tools for helping my anxious and stressed patients. Great insight. Wonderful and dynamic speaker.
– Myra Emami PT, Seattle, WA

I really enjoyed the class. It was helpful to understand the fundamentals of mindfulness and have great techniques for improving my interactions (both work and personal) as well as insights on how I can interact with challenging patients. I feel like I have another very important tool in my belt.
– Ashley Fulkerson, DPT, Maple Valley, WA