Mindfulness physical therapy, pain management, rehabilitation

Online Clinical Mentoring with Carolyn McManus

Most clinicians agree that patients who have a slower and more complex recovery process, or fail to recover, are often stressed and anxious. This observation inspired my interest in the role stress plays in a patient’s recovery, my study and practice of mindfulness meditation and, ultimately, a professional specialty that I pursued throughout my over 35-year career. Through online clinical mentoring, I draw on my experience to share the science and art of integrating mindfulness into patient care with other clinicians. I offer both a knowledge base and practical skills that enable clinicians to help patients relax and successfully manage stress and chronic symptoms while also supporting their own well-being.

Small group and individual mentoring formats are available to help you successfully integrate mindfulness principles and practices into patient care and daily life.


Small Group Mentoring
Four healthcare providers come together, at an agreed upon day and time, to meet with me for an hour 1x/week for four weeks. Upon completion of this program, participants are able to:
1. Introduce the topic of stress regulation and mindfulness-based therapeutic strategies to patients
2. Identify 4 mindful awareness training activities and integrate them into patient care
3. Discuss relevant research supporting the role of mindfulness training in rehabilitation
4. Access online resources for mindfulness training appropriate for both patients and therapists.

The small group mentoring fee is $180 per person. This mentoring program meets continuing education requirements for physical therapists practicing in Washington State. For clinicians practicing in other disciplines and other states, please contact your individual state board to determine your state’s online continuing education guidelines.


Individual Mentoring
For therapists who prefer a one-on-one experience or who have completed the group program and want additional guidance, I provide individual mentoring. Individual mentoring creates an opportunity for me to specifically address your interest and needs. Whether on patient care topics or steps for career and professional development, I can address how mindfulness can be integrated into your practice. Hourly rate for individual mentoring is $180.


For additional information
Please contact me at carolyn@carolynmcmanus.com

Carolyn McManus is an extremely talented and accomplished mindfulness teacher. Her mentorship significantly enriched my professional practice in just four sessions. I have seen the immediate positive impact on my patients when I introduce Carolyn’s compassionate and wise ways of framing the human relationship to unpleasant sensations and stress. I highly recommend Carolyn’s course to any medical professional working with patients with chronic pain or dizziness, functional neurological disorders, or with past trauma.”– Ziadee Cambier, PT, DPT, Seattle, WA

The online clinical mentoring with Carolyn has been fantastic. She effectively conveys the methods and science for incorporating mindfulness in the clinical setting. I was immediately able to successfully share these techniques with patients. Mindful awareness instruction is one of the missing links in treating the whole person and promoting self-efficacy. I have truly loved this training, both personally and professionally. I feel so fortunate to benefit from Carolyn’s tremendous experience in the field.”– Lisa Moore, PT, DPT, Tacoma, WA

Learning from Carolyn has been a great honor. It is not often that you can have such an intimate, customized learning experience with a leader in their field. She not only possesses and generously shares a breadth of knowledge and experience in this area, she embodies the practice of mindfulness. If your goal is to improve your ability to integrate mindfulness into your life and clinical practice, this is a fantastic opportunity.”– Katie McBee, PT, DPT, OCS, Louisville, KY

I have found Carolyn’s mentoring class on mindfulness to be immensely useful in my practice, particularly with those with chronic pain, fatigue, neurologic injuries, and those with underlying anxiety and trauma. She combines practical skills with a wholistic approach, and backs everything up with research. I have also personally found mindfulness to be of great benefit to myself while working in this stressful pandemic year. I now consider it to be one of the most useful tools I have in coaching and training my patients.”– Marguerite DeVinney, PT, MSPT, Seattle, WA

Carolyn is a wonderful mentor and teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge and is very supportive and encouraging. I learned an immense amount during our Zoom mentoring group and look forward to learning more from her as well as putting everything I learned into my practice.”
– Randi Sundby, PT, MSPT, AT Ret., Seattle, WA