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Awe Walks Promote Positive Emotions

Strum and colleagues investigated the emotional benefits of a novel “awe walk” intervention in healthy older adults.1 Sixty participants were randomly assigned to an awe […]

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Gratitude Practice Increases Positive Affect, Happiness and Life Satisfaction

Cunha and colleagues examined the effect of a gratitude intervention on mood and well-being.1 Participants were randomized to a Gratitude Group, a Hassles Group or […]

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Pain, Opioid Misuse and Mindfulness

Opioid therapy for chronic pain is associated with increased risk for opioid misuse, abuse and overdose.1 “Opioid misuse” can be described as any use of […]

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Can Positive Affect Attenuate Generalization of Fear of Movement-Related Pain?

Recent research suggests that learning processes are involved in the acquisition and generalization of pain-related fear. In a voluntary movement paradigm, Geschwind and colleagues undertook […]

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Can Positive Affect Attenuate Persistent Pain?

Substantial attention has been given to the impact of negative emotional states on persistent pain conditions. The adverse effects of anger, fear, anxiety and depression […]

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