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Online Training in Specific Meditation Practices Improves Gratitude, Well-Being and Self-Compassion

Rao and Kemper examined the impact of 3 types of online, brief meditation training for health professionals on measures of gratitude, well-being, self-compassion and confidence […]

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Compassion, Mindfulness, and the Happiness of Healthcare Workers

Benzo and colleagues sought to identify whether self-compassion is meaningfully associated with happiness in health care workers.1 Four hundred healthcare workers (mean age = 45 […]

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Mindfulness for Healthcare Providers: The Role of Non-Reactivity in Reducing Stress

Benzo and colleagues set out to determine whether changes in perceived stress among healthcare providers that occur with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) are associated with […]

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Provider Beliefs and Patient Outcomes

Lakke and colleagues examined the role of 2nd year physical therapy student kinesiophobic beliefs on the lifting capacity of healthy participants.1 One hundred twenty-four individuals were […]

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Mindfulness, Providers and Communication

Patient-centered care and provider well-being go hand in hand. In a study by Dobkin and colleagues, mindfulness, stress, burnout, depression and life being meaningful were […]

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Mindfulness Training Improves Provider Well-Being

Healthcare providers are under increasing stress and vulnerable to burnout due to multiple factors including productivity expectations, reduced reimbursement, changing documentation requirements and time consuming […]

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