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Healing, as distinguished from curing, can be thought of as a process that leads a person to adopt a new relationship to life and live with greater self-knowledge, wisdom and inner peace. Learning to relax in the midst of stress and turmoil is one example of a healing choice. Healing is always possible. Even when a medical cure to eliminate a health problem is not available, a person can choose a healing journey that embraces life as it is, awakens compassion and insight and promotes wise and skillful choices. My workshops, writing and CDs support this healing process.

for the General Public

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at Swedish Medical Center. Next class begins Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015. Details ››

Free meditation at the Frye Art Museum. Wednesdays from 12:30–1:00 pm. Details ››

The Pain Puzzle: Empowering You to Put the Pieces Together. Classes held monthly.
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for Professionals

Mindfulness Training for the Treatment of Chronic Pain in Lynnwood, WA. Jan. 21, 2015. Details ››

Caraolyn McManus